These are the 3 basic things every client needs from their lawyer

When a client makes the decision to seek the services of a lawyer, they do so knowing that the first obligation of the lawyer will be to them therefore their lawyer will go out of their way to offer the best legal representation. During the engagement between a lawyer and their client, there are basic obligations that lawyers must fulfill.

These are the 3 basic things every client needs from their lawyer.

Respecting attorney-client privilege

Attorney-client-privilege essentially means that any information that a client discloses to his/her lawyer is privileged therefore the lawyer is not permitted to share it with anyone else unless with the express permission of their client. This therefore means that any lawyer who violates this privilege is liable to sanctions including disbarment.

Avoiding conflict of interest

A lawyer must be 100 per cent dedicated to the best outcome for their client therefore in the event there is a possibility in the existence of a conflict of interest that may prevent the lawyer from serving the client fully, they must fully disclose this conflict and even remove themselves from the case, and recommend new legal counsel for their client. Denying a client good representation due to a conflict makes the lawyer liable to sanctions including disbarment. for more details:

Keeping personal prejudices in check

Every individual has personal prejudices and lawyers are not an exception. However, lawyers have a higher obligation to keep these prejudices in check because they mustn’t allow such prejudices to hinder their ability of providing the best legal counsel to their client.

Keeping these points in mind, a client should always be fully aware of what they are entitled to when they seek legal representation from a lawyer as well as where to seek recourse if a lawyer ends up violating these entitlements.