The 6 qualities every great lawyer needs

As a client looking for legal representation, you must always be cognizant of the fact that not all lawyers are the same. Different lawyers will have a different level of mastery of the law as well as other qualities that enable them win cases. The lawyers who win cases are those with a perfect balance between their knowledge of the law and personal attributes.

These are the 6 qualities every great lawyer needs, which you should always look out for when looking for legal representation.

1 They must be excellent communicators

Every great lawyer has to be an excellent communicator and this entails both written and verbal communication. This will not only be valuable during the case as they address the judge and jury but will also be valuable as they articulate their legal strategy to their client.

2 They must have good judgment

Every great lawyer should always be able to make good judgments regardless of how much limited information has been presented to them. Their good judgment will entail being able to arrive at logical as well as reasonable conclusions.

3 They ought to have good analytical skills

Lawyers will often be presented with large swatches of information in the form of files, witness statements, evidence and so on therefore great lawyers should have the ability to sieve through such large pieces of information, and be able to make a summary that is logical and manageable. To achieve this, they will need to have really good analytical skills.

4 They must be really good researchers

Any great lawyer makes it their business to have a really good understanding of their client, the opposition team, the judge, the jury as well as the case itself and whether there is any legal precedent. To be able to get all these, they will need to be really good researchers.

5 They must have really good people skills

A great lawyer has to be a peoples’ person because people are their primary client. Whether it’s the person they are defending, the judge, the jury, the opposing counsel or their legal team, great lawyers should be able to relate well and work amicably with everyone they come across.

6 They must be very creative

Great lawyers are essentially problem solvers therefore any case they are handling for their client is essentially a problem that needs solving. Therefore for them to be able to do this well, they will need to be very creative in the way they handle the legal aspects which includes their legal arguments, motions they file and so on.

If you come across a lawyer who checks all these boxes then you can rest assured that they will be able to give you sound legal counsel.

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