The 2 main benefits of mediation during a divorce case

One of the most common types of cases that are heard in family court are divorce cases. Whereas many people assume such cases must be messy, this is a wrong assumption because mediation is a better option, and more and more couples are beginning to enjoy its benefits which are a way better option than going through a messy divorce case in open court.

Mediation is basically the bringing in of an impartial party to oversee the negotiations that are being done by the divorcing couple. The mediator’s job is essentially to find a middle ground for the couple so that they can reach an amicable agreement especially on the issues that have been heavily contested.

Here are the 2 main benefits of mediation during a divorce case.

Mediation will tremendously bring down costs

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Divorce cases can be expensive. In fact, they are very expensive. When a couple calculates how much each of them spends on their lawyers, as well as on all the court related costs in addition to the time, they will realize that this cost is too high. That money could have been used on so many other activities that are beneficial to the family. Statistics indicate that a couple will save between 40% and 60% if they instead go through mediation. This is because the process does not carry the burden of court related costs, and you can also do it without your lawyer present hence save significantly on your legal costs. Even if you opt to have your lawyer present, the billable hours will be much less in comparison to a trial.

Mediation has much better results for the children

Generally, the biggest loser in a divorce case is usually the children. Whichever way it plays out, they will still end up with a split family and feeling as though they have to choose between their parents.A trial in open court will end up much worse for them especially if the parents decide to tear into each other which is often the case. This can all be avoided by mediation. If this process is done well and it’s successful, the kids will enjoy the benefit of peace of mind as they see their parents amicably settling their differences and handling their disagreement in a more mature way.

As you are consulting a family lawyer to take up your divorce case, it’s advisable to have an open discussion with them on which between mediation and open court will bring a much better outcome for you as well as your family.

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