Legal services that exist in the American justice system

The American justice system was built to serve the legal needs of all people in America and has therefore been structured in a way that any person irrespective or race, age, gender, political affiliation or social background can access legal services.

This article seeks to look at 5 types of legal services that exist in the American justice system which are accessible to all people living in America.

Legal aid clinics

In America, the government funds legal aid clinics which are basically organizations that are established to offer legal services to poor people living in America. Such funding is often very limited therefore these legal clinics end up taking just a small number of cases.

Pro bono services

In America it’s a common practice by both independent lawyers as well as law firms, big or small to dedicate some of their time to handle cases free of charge. This is referred to as pro bono services. These cases they choose to handle for free will mostly be based on some form of merit.

Personal injury attorneys on contingency

There are a group of lawyers in America referred to as personal injury attorneys who will mostly take up cases without charging the client upfront. Their payment is usually on contingency and this basically means that you will pay them an agreed percentage should they help you win a case involving a financial settlement.

Public defenders

Any person in America who can’t afford to get a lawyer will always be given access to a public defender who will handle their case at no cost to the individual. This is a benefit that is guaranteed by the American constitution. Once you are presented in front of a judge and formally charged with a criminal offence, the judge will appoint a public defender to take your case.

Social justice organizations

There are lawyers with a passion for social justice and they often form or are a part of social justice organizations through which they will offer mostly free legal counsel on cases involving social injustice. Such cases will often depend on merit.

As an American citizen or a person living in America it will serve you well if you are familiar with such legal services because they will come in handy at some point in your life.

We trust that this has been an informative session.

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