Law – Every citizen must be aware of these 3 fundamental rights

In America, it’s often believed that every person who faces an accusation for a crime must be presumed innocent until they areproven guilty. This is a benefit that is enshrined in the constitution and must be respected by every duty bearer in the justice system.This also means that every citizen must be aware of their individual rights and freedoms so that they also can ensure that they are not violated by those in authority.

Let’s take a look at the 3 fundamental rights that every citizen must be aware of.

1 The 5th Amendment Rights

Thanks to the 5th Amendment Rights any citizen facing an accusation of having committed a crime reserves the right neither to answer any questions nor make any form of statement that will result in them incriminating themselves in the crime they are being accused of. The 5th Amendment Rights will apply at each and every stage of a criminal investigation and also prosecution. In addition, this right guarantees an accused person that they will be entitled to due process of the law which entails a fair and impartial adjudication process, before they can be subjected to any form of legal consequence. through an adjudication process that is fair and impartial.

2 The 6th Amendment Rights

Thanks to the 6th Amendment Rights, any citizen who has been branded as a criminal defendant will get to enjoy a very specific set of rights that will guarantee them a fair adjudication process. These rights include being fully informed about why as well as the nature of charges they are facing, right to trial by a jury, a trial that is done in a timely manner, the right to be informed of the nature and cause of all accusations against them, the right to legal representation, and right to confront all the witnesses against them as well as have witnesses testify on their behalf.

3 The 8th Amendment Rights

Thanks to the 8th Amendment Rights every accused person is protected against excessive, unusual or cruel punishment. The Miranda rights which everyone taken into police custody is entitled to also fall under the 8th Amendment Rights as they ensure that anyone taken into police custody is fully aware of what their legal entitlements are.

These 3 rights are very fundamental in the American judicial process therefore it’s very important for every citizen to be fully aware of them and when they each apply so that they don’t end up being treaded unjustly while going through the judicial process.

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