How to choose business software with ITQlick help

What is ITQlick and how does it work?

The ITQlick is a nonprofit service that helps you get the best tools for your business or company. Just make a list for the requirements of your company and let the ITQlick find the best possible software for your business, through its intellectual algorithms. The ITQlick website will give you, free of cost, all the possible options, the comparisons as well as the details and unbiased reviews of the software’s you will not find this type of quick service anywhere else. All you have to do is give the ITQlick your specifications and let it do the rest.

With the help of ITQlick the software purchase as well as the tech decision maker can easily and quickly asses the recommendations. The use can also search our organic reviews of the software or the tool, from other users, who have used the said tools and have practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. all this knowledge and comparisons allow you to save precious time as well as keeps you from making expensive mistakes. Any novice, who doesn’t have much knowledge can buy a soft ware that will eventually prove to be worthless for his or her business. With ITQlick you can save yourself from that nightmarish mistake and get the right thing for your business with some easy comparisons.

In addition to that ITQlick can also get you mentors to assist if you post your IT projects on their website. You can do that privately as well as publicly. You can get all the professional you need from ITQlick.

ITQlick is functioned by IT Media Ltd.

A practical business, that runs on profit and loss can really work successfully, if it doesn’t have a reliable and efficient accounting system. The size of the company doesn’t really matter, because with no accounting the business will have no sense of profit or loss. Which is why a good accounting system is required, moreover, its important to know which on will suit your company’s need. When copying for one you should really focus on the advantages you can yield and needs that it can fulfil for your company.

ITQlick has more than 400 hundred software categories, which include:

  • Accounting & Finance:Includes software for Accounting, Budgeting and Expenses
  • BI & Analytics:Includes software for BI, BPM, KPI
  • Construction:Includes software for Bidding, Estimating, PMO
  • CRM:Includes software for Call Center, Marketing, Social Media
  • Electronic Medical Records:Includes software for EMR/EHR, Medical Billing, Medical-Scheduling
  • Human Resources:Includes software for Applicant tracking, LMS, Benefits Admin
  • IT Management:Includes software for Backups, Help Desk, Documents, Phones
  • Maintenance:Includes software for Assets Tracking, Maintenance, CMMS
  • Operations:Includes software for ERP, Field Service, Manufacturing, Retail/POS
  • Project Management:Includes software for Budgeting, Collaboration, PSA
  • Sales & Marketing:Includes software for eCommerce, Sales Automation, Marketing
  • Supply chain:Includes software for Distribution, Inventory Management, Fleet GPS

 Software earth


Software are as important as the product or service you are trying to market. They are the building bricks of any company or business. Let ITQlick help you get the best software for your business today.

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