Here are the 4 main functions of law

Have you ever sought to wonder what the world would look like if we didn’t have law? Well, this is not a scenario anyone would wish to contemplate. Let’s just be happy and thankful that we live in a world where law exists. Through this article we are going to look at the functions of law with the intention of giving you an idea of why law exists.

Here are the 4 main functions of law.

It helps in the promotion of common good

Law is meant to create a society where everyone can coexist peacefully with each other and this is what helps in promotion of the common good for the entire society. Through peaceful coexistence, every member of the society gets to enjoy their own individual liberties and what the law does is ensure that as individuals enjoy these liberties they don’t infringe on the liberties of others. This is a very important function of law because if there was no element of control, most individuals would only look out for their own self-interests at the expense of others.

It helps to defend society from evil

Law will always sanction evil deeds in society and this helps in providing some much needed defense against harm that may be caused deliberately or in deliberately. Society will therefore ensure that there are laws that serve different contexts from the family which is the basic unit, to the country and even the globe through international law. The idea is to ensure that every individual in society is well protected against any possible scenario of evil whether domestic or foreign.

It encourages people to do right

Because law exists, people are well aware that sanctions exist for bad deeds as people who break the law by doing wrongful acts that cause harm to others or their property will be punished. It’s this possibility of punishment that acts a deterrent against wrong deeds thus encouraging people to do the right things.

It helps in disputes resolution

Because law exists, there is a framework available for disputes resolution among members of a particular society. Because people within the society will always be competing for the limited resources that exist, there is always a chance of people stepping on each other’s toes. It’s the law that will provide modalities and recourse during such disputes.

It’s noteworthy that we don’t live in a perfect world therefore law has not really been able to accomplish its full purpose. In the same breath however, the world is a much better and much safer place because we have law.

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