At Stew Low, we care about justice. We are a leading law magazine that covers various aspects of the American legal system as well as general topics on law and how to ensure justice is served. This is an independent legal platform that is not affiliated to any corporate body or individual beneficiaries. We would like to think that we are for the people by the people, serving the legal needs of any American citizen who needs it.

Through this platform, we want to bring together legal experts who are passionate about law and passionate about justice and are ready to offer legal advice pro bono. We want this magazine to be the first place a citizen visits before they get a lawyer. It will be our mission to uncomplicated the law and make it easier to understand so that by the time you are getting legal counsel, you are operating from a point of knowledge. We are by no means a replacement to legal counsel, think of Stew Low simply as your legal cheat sheet.

We look forward to building your legal knowledge and getting you closer to justice.

Velma Gagnon – Founder, Stew Low