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The 4 main things to consider when interviewing a lawyer

As a client looking to get a lawyer to handle your legal matters, the process of selecting this lawyer is more like an interviewing process therefore you need to have an idea of what you will be looking for in the lawyer in order to determine whether they fit the

The 6 qualities every great lawyer needs

As a client looking for legal representation, you must always be cognizant of the fact that not all lawyers are the same. Different lawyers will have a different level of mastery of the law as well as other qualities that enable them win cases. The lawyers who win cases are

This is the structure of the American judiciary

The American judiciary is an independent branch of government that has been structured in a way that it can operate independently and free from any form of interference from the other branches of government namely the executive and the legislative. It’s essentially the role of the judiciary to give legal

Legal services that exist in the American justice system

The American justice system was built to serve the legal needs of all people in America and has therefore been structured in a way that any person irrespective or race, age, gender, political affiliation or social background can access legal services. This article seeks to look at 5 types of legal